Metal Bandcamp Gift Club was founded back in 2016, and lived mostly on Twitter.

In late 2019 we moved to an email newsletter format, with a Twitter account (@MetalBCgiftclub) mostly just to promote the email list.

Why abandon Twitter? Harassment, trolls, abuse, nazis, etc.

1. Subscribe to the Metal Bandcamp Gift Club Birthday Club below.
2. Each day there's a birthday, an email is sent with a Bandcamp wishlist (or wishlists).
3. Click the link and gift an album. Or two.
4. Discover new music (and add to your own wishlist)
5. When it's your birthday, an email goes out with your wishlist link. Maybe you'll get an album (or three) that day.


You’ll get an email each day there’s a birthday, which can sometimes means 10+ emails per month. Unsubscribe at any time.

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